In a year or two noone will be able to say "I've never heard about Thi Johansson".

I remember the first time I saw José González perform in a basement in Gothenburg. Me and my friend Josephine went to see UNWOUND play, but we were so caught off guard by the support act JUNIP, that all I can remember  23 years later is the voice and guitar play of the front guy. That was the first time I felt that total conviction that I was there when "it happened". I remember telling José that it would only be a matter of time before he would be on everyones lips. 

That same conviction struck me when I first heard THI JOHANSSON perform live, barely 16 years old. The dynamics in the way she handled her guitar, the tension in her voice and the incredible songwriting caught me off guard, once again. This time around I have a record label. 

As I write this, Thi is recording a double A-side in Nacksving Studios. It will catch you off guard in August. Release date yet to be confirmed. 

" For as long as I've been playing guitar, I've been making up my own melodies and lines of text that describe things I'm thinking about or sometimes maybe doesn't mean anything at all! My music is influenced by my idols, Bon Iver and José Gonzáles to name some, and I try my best to make my songs touching in one way or the other."