This duo, Markus Görsch and Gabo Camnitzer, used to have a band called Glenn & Glenn. Forming in Gothenburg in the mid 2000's the band name might (must?) be considered a tribute to the home town and its legacy as a European fotball stronghold (at one point no less than four players named Glenn could be seen playing in the local team IFK). We actually haven't asked the band but hold it as a fact because it's a heart warming thought.

The name Dream Cheese is however impossible to mis-interpret, at least if you ask the band. The tunes are dreamy and simultaneously not afraid of balancing on the edge of what might be considered cheesy--> Dream Cheese.

Sending files back and forth btw Gothenburg and NYC for a couple of years, starting during the pandemic, has finally resulted in a forthcoming full length album. First single "Don't Be A Man" will be released alongside a subtitled video (collab with graphic designer Milena Karlson) on September 1. Read the lyrics, take it in, don't be a man.

Stay tuned since we'll be updating more info on releases pretty soon.