Debut single DON'T BE A MAN to be released on all platforms September 1 

The members of this duo met playing music in the Gothenburg music scene in the 2000’s. Gabo Camnitzer moved to Sweden from New York to study art where he met Markus Görsch of Swedish sax punkers Love is all. The two quickly discovered their shared musical attitudes and began collaborating on various projects. Gabo returned to New York in 2017, but their collaboration rekindled during the pandemic when the two began sending sound files and fragments of songs back and forth across the Atlantic. Drawing inspiration from dreamy synth pop and cheesy funk music, not to forget East African Singeli, Volksmusik, and Perreo combined with playful abolitionist lyrics, this duo clearly makes a point of not wanting to know where they are going next. Read more here


We're thrilled to announce that Thi Johansson is joining Orissa! The 19 year old singer/songwriter from Gothenburg has been one of our personal favourites for quite some time, as well as one of the reasons to start this venture in the first place. Heavily influenced by the likes of Bon Iver and José Gonzáles but in her own copywrited dimension. Read more here



Three releases into his musical cosmos, barely 19 years old, and the sound is pointing towards the big venues. Together with 7 piece extraordinary band "In the picture", the energy and experimental lust is oh so convincing. Read more about Nemo here

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